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As you know, the Botanic Garden and café are currently closed. Meanwhile, we thought it would be a good idea to invite all Friends to send in weekly photos for publication on the website.

So why not take a couple of photos every week? They could be in your garden, in your yard, out of your window, or when you are taking your one-a-day outdoor exercise. Perhaps you can add a few words by way of explanation for your photos. If you then forward these to me, Dave Spence, at membershipsecfog@gmail.com, I will then arrange with our website manager to post them on this web page.

Thanks to everyone who has sent contributions of photos and comments so far. Please keep them coming! Click on the links below to see the ones that we have received:

Week 12 of Lockdown

Week 11 of Lockdown

Week 10 of Lockdown

Week 9 of Lockdown

Week 8 of Lockdown

Week 7 of Lockdown

Week 6 of Lockdown

Week 5 of Lockdown

Week 4 of Lockdown

Week 3 of Lockdown

Week 2 of Lockdown

Week 1 of Lockdown