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Members' Blogs - Week 2 of Lockdown


Pansies in a box.

Potted plant.

Sainsbury croissant boxes help germinate seeds.

Two pots together.

Lots of daffodils!

Elizabeth W

Photo in my back garden of a clematis macropetala in flower.


Picture windows------ No backache!

Elizabeth M

Another nice week in the garden.


At last I’ve had a chance to get into our garden again. With the arrival of a new puppy the garden has rather suffered. I  attach a few photographs I took this morning.

In the garden...

...and in the conservatory. Two of my orchids, Cattleya skinnerii and Epicat Brownbird ‘chingling’ both in flower at the moment.


A contribution from my Clivia plant! I nearly lost it, having left it outside too long before bringing it in for the winter. It suffered frost damage, was nursed back to health and this year has rewarded me with three beautiful blooms.


My pictures are of the famous Backhouse Narcissus 'Weardale Perfection' which is flowering in Wolsingham churchyard at the moment.

Lovely to have all the photos from Mike and everyone else. Sorry to be missing the cherry blossom this year.

Elizabeth H

I live in central Durham with no personal garden, apart from two patio tubs outside my garage. So my daily walks are very valuable to me. Taking photos is a part of my walk routine. Here are some to share.

Cherry blossom on trees by the Pallatine Centre on the road leading up to Mountjoy.

An early rhododendron at Grey College.

A well prepared allotment on Margery Lane.

Durham Market Place on a Saturday afternoon. Quite an eerie sight!

The cathedral garden on the Bailey.

A view of the cathedral from a deserted Potters Bank.


Visitors! We have had visitors. Now I know we are not supposed to have visitors but, they were uninvited and left before we could be properly introduced. However, they did leave presents in the form of offspring!! On the first occasion the present was left in a flowerpot saucer and on the second in a pot. I suspect that the adults found themselves too far from our neighbour’s pond before the urge to procreate overcame them. Both offerings have been placed in a large earthenware bowl so we can watch the frogspawn develop. The original round black dots at the centre of each jelly globule have elongated over the past week and are just starting to make their first wriggling movements.

Elsewhere in the garden the plants ordered from Parkers have arrived, all looking fit and healthy. These have been planted into the area around the ash stump, previously dug over, and augmented with a few more primroses and some daffodils that had been decorating the conservatory. Close by cowslips are in full bloom.

The Pulmonaria officinalis, commonly known as lungwort or Jerusalem sage, is also looking good and the fritillaries under a hawthorn bush have also come into flower. Spring is really coming on a pace.


Well that's another lockdown week over and for me it very much passed like the last one. Breakfast/Walk/Lunch/Garden/odd jobs. But the weather has been great which is a compensation. And the lockdown is keeping me away from having suicidal thoughts on the golf course and that can't be a bad thing.

But I did manage to put up a post for the washing line after putting it off for 18 months, as you can see. Very proud I am.

Here is my attempt at an art installation using prunings from willow and cornus.

On one of the walks spotted the dog violet next to the path on the way to Langley Moor. It really is Spring.

The magnolia stellate is flowering its white socks off in the garden and has you can see emerging from its winter fur coat.

And I spotted this orange ladybird on a rhododendron growing in a pot. Not something I see very often.

But even something else you don't see very often on a walk to Langley Moor is Red Riding Hood on the path in front of me. I did keep my eyes out for the big bad wolf but Red Riding Hood seems to think that it's me.

And finally I know I shouldn't say this but oh how the garden could do with some rain. There, I have said it.