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Members' Blogs - Week 4 of Lockdown


I have not identified this lovely tree yet but it has spectacular deep pink/almost red blossom.

Rainbow over Burn Hall.


I have been very tempted by the bluebells but thought it could be a busy spot! I've contented myself with some I've found nearer home. And the cowslips on Aykley Heads are fab. Sorry no pics on this device!

Here is the only bit of our place that I like at the moment.

Peter & Margaret

1. Our Clematis is now fully out.

2. The Lilies of the Valley are just coming into flower.

3. The Rhododendrons will soon be here.

4. Another self-planted Sycamore is making great progress.


May I just say well done for the friends blog. It is certainly keeping an interest going in ones own garden, seeing things that should be attended to, hence some of the angles photographs are taken from.

It has been a wonderful year for bees so far I wish I had more knowledge of them as there appear to be so may different types out there. Hence the photograph of the wonderful Apple blossom.  The tree is covered in blossom and buzzing with bees.

Another bee on the tree peony, ludlowii. Again it’s a mass of blossom.

In the autumn, I had planted a hundred or so new tulips in the top garden (before the puppy arrival) a few have survived the puppy assault, their colour is wonderful in the sunshine.


Actually in the bottom left of this photograph is Geum marmalade. I have several potted up for the plant sale, however that will take place. 


This is an ornamental flagpole Apple, just now covered in shocking pink blossom, soon to be followed by bronze foliage and then rosy red inedible apples.


I just thought members may want to know that rock salt can do a couple of things apart from melting snow.

I put it on the ground on paths and it means no snail will ever cross. if they do they boil up!! This is excellent round veg and flower beds. I also use it to kill weeds on paths and in between concrete blocks.

Of course you have to make sure that any salty run off doesn't drift onto anything you want to keep alive!! Its very cheap and good to wildife.

Flying the flag of St George.


I thought this week I would include a few photos taken on our allowed morning constitutional in the area around our home in Neville Cross. Beginning with...


The warm weather seems to be bringing the bluebells out early this year and what a sight they are if you walk through the woods using the path just on the south side of the Durham Crematorium. The banksides are ablaze and are so uplifting at this time.


These are in Durham down by the river. I assume they come from the cathedral walls. The expressions do seem rather apt at this time and express the way many of us feel. Maybe the gargoyles need to see the bluebells.

Poem and Den:

These are in Flass Vale in Durham which is again a lovely wild place right in the heart of Durham. During the lockdown we have found many paths in the Vale we never knew existed even though we have lived in the area for over 40 years. The Friends of Flass Vale do a really good job maintaining this magical nature reserve with some lovely touches like the poem on a tree and the den and its support for the NHS.


This photo has some great colours and is reminiscent of the pots that normally stand on the pathways around the botanic garden coffee shop.


A photo of Joan's garden.


Just a few pics from my garden. This of tulips with the evening sun behind them and the new iris leaves, framed by holly.

Marsh marigold at her best!

Busy bee.


Photos on walks/and views/ on the Sands.

Oooo a heron!!!!


My latest offering from my garden. The two hanging baskets were plant last autumn and have come back to life after the winter.

An finally, colour comes in all shapes and sizes!


Marsh marigolds.