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Members' Blogs - Week 11 of Lockdown


The Pinks Dianthus have come into their own this week as have the Delphiniums.

We bought this Ginkgo biloba in the early 1990’s at the Malvern show. I was particularly pleased as it is a fossil species from the age of the Dinosaurs. It has moved from garden to garden with us over the years gradually acquiring larger pots.  At Christmas we decorate it with lights.

The strawberries have done very well this year. The net is to keep the dog off them as much as the birds. Our Labrador loves soft fruit, but then again it will eat almost anything!!


This week I thought we should have a little quiz identifying trees from their bark and to pretty things up with one photo of a blousy clematis and honeysuckle in a hedge in the garden.

The trees are in the garden and planted over the last 30 years or so. I probably planted a few too many but just love the texture of the bark. I wish I could be bothered to wash down the tree with the white bark as the books suggest but life is just too short. I now seem to spend winters up a ladder precariously feathering up the lower branches of the trees to let light in to the plants underneath. Maybe I just need staff to do these things?

So you need to identify... 

Tree with peeling red bark.

Tree with red shiny bark.

Tree with white bark.

Tree with light brown bark.

Tree with stripey bark.

And, by the way, just because I have a white tree next to a red barked tree should not in any way indicate any preference for a certain local football club.

Answers next week.


A very delicate clematis.

I just love the colour.

A mass of tiny roses.

And again trailing over the wall.

A hidden corner with fantastic foxgloves.


More of the peonies are in flowers now but many blooms have been damaged with so much rain and dampness.

The rose garden is just becoming more colourful and scentiful. This is Ferdinand Pitchard.

The first day lilies are just opening, although some are showing signs of ‘big bud’.

We still have to be vigilant as we are still seeing the odd lily beetle on the Lilium regale.

The water lilies are beginning to flower, opening in the sun shine.

Summer is coming!


Here is a selection of images from Rainton Meadows.

Cow Parsley.

Yellow Iris.



An Orchid.


Good to see Mike on the telly. Wish it could have been a bit longer. Thanks for all your blogs. They help with the lockdown which is getting a bit tedious now.

Summer window boxes waiting for more sun.