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Members' Blogs - Week 14 of Lockdown


Whoever doubted that the sparrow hawk would do its job?! The sweet peas have now reached the top of the obelisk. Not fantastic but much better than last year.

My problem now is, I can't reach the flowers.

I think the answer to Jill's blue flower last week is Phacelia or Tansy, a green manure.


Leycesteria which is cut back every year to stop it getting too big.

A pot of Agapanthus. I've waited eight years for them to flower. One spike is bent but it's starting to straighten. A few more days' sunshine should see them fully open.

Crocosmia Lucifer which just glows in any light.

Three pink plants...

...and a pot of pelargoniums.

Peter and Margaret

As is often the case, the best views of the bushes and trees in our garden are from the upstairs bedroom windows.

The birds have yet to decide whether the rowan berries are ripe enough to eat.

The buddleia looks fine on a level with the flowers but cannot easily be seen from below.

Margaret is modelling her favourite mask.

Noddy is modelling her second favourite.


More photos from our garden.

Campanula lactifolora, this and several other specimens  were grown years ago from RHS Members seeds. OK I did not get this plant staked in time but it actually looks rather good and more colourful by half falling over. It’s in the exit to our little rose garden.

One of the roses in flower at the moment is David Austin’s ‘Brother Cadfael’. When we bought the roses it was recommended to plant three of the same cultivar together, it certainly does make a good display of this beautiful and highly scented rose.

It makes a beautiful rose for flower arrangements too.

The next photograph is another of our day lilies very pretty with a frilly boarder to the inner petals. A strong stemmed flower.

Finally one of the only summer flowering clematis that remain in our garden (thanks to the puppy’s desire to sample everything with her now adult teeth). This is the lovely Clematis Madam Julia Correvon.


Can anyone tell us what this bush is called please? The flowers are more profuse than ever this year.

One of many in our garden, all with huge blooms this year.


A picture of the last of the mecanopsis caught in Northumberland on a walk last weekend in Howick.


Can you help with identifying these?

And these?

The pods from the latter.


This sedums is Echeveria Lillacina.