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Members' Blogs - Week 15 of Lockdown


Our photographs this week are on a theme, yes ‘orange’. A vibrant colour for summer Not to everyone’s liking but it does rather look as if we like it.

Tiger lilies, alstroemerias and a Canna Wyoming which, I notice, is just popping into the photograph.

A double day lily. Pity the sun is not shining.

A lovely orange cactus dahlia just starting to open, with an old crocosmia in the foreground. The original came from my grandmother's garden.


Very romantic except it's called 'Deep Secret'!!

Still smells delicious.


We managed to book a space at Cragside. It was quite strange being so quiet and there being so few people in the vast spaces.

We did get to the refreshment kiosk and enjoy coffee and chocolate brownies. We also walked up to the formal gardens which were for obvious reasons looking a bit sad. Nevertheless, it was a really pleasurable day out. Even the restaurant area was silent and empty.

The carved face seems to sum up the current situation beautifully.

Sometimes it is the simplest discoveries that bring the greatest pleasure. The orchid just popped up in the garden a couple of years ago.

It may only be  the common spotted one but I am so thrilled when it reappears each year. No sign I am afraid of others popping up around the garden. Maybe the best things come in small doses.

And finally a picture of a blazing red cornfield next to the river at Shincliffe caught as we walked by on Sunday.