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Members' Blogs - Week 21 of Lockdown


Gives us more work clearing leaves, nuts and casings than I want, but beautiful at times.

These leaves just stay where they are.

A picture of my nice silver birch which has a triple trunk, This apparently is unusual - or not!

This is a view we get on a sunny autumnal day.


Nice to visit BG yesterday! Here are three photos for the blog.


For this week I have stayed with the Autumn theme for two of the photos whilst the other is a gorgeous sunrise at the golf course. Just unfortunate that I am about to despoil when I drive off into it.

The remaining two photos are of Acer palmatum Bloodgood leaves on the floor and whilst still on the tree having turned to brilliant bright red.


I have only two photographs this week. The first is another colchicum. Unfortunately this lovely double flowered variety has been flattened in the rain.

Then another of my orchids, a species this time Cattleya bowringiana, now in full flower, in a rare moment of sunshine.


Dunstanburgh Castle rising up over the bracken earlier this week.

Big skies in Northumberland.

Cornus with fabulous red leaves.

A type of Acer with ornamental bark and leaves.

Another Acer showing off it’s vibrant Autumn colours.

Hebe adding extra colour

Finally one different leaf on the Cornus.


This is a case of 'spot the colour theme' in the front garden, supported by Echinacea and Gaillardia.

Euonymus alatus, Houttuynia cordata Flame (in the pot) and Hebe Heartbreaker, with Cotinus coggygria bringing up the rear. The first one we saw at Sissinghurst garden ('must have that!'), the second one (which smells of oranges) has been split many times from a single plant over the years and tends to spread, hence the pot. The third was originally bought when it was unusual to see it but has now appeared everywhere.

Yes I had to check spelling.

Its good to see some garden plants contributing to autumn colour instead of only trees.