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Members' Blogs - Week 22 of Lockdown


Begonia and two flags.

I lost two relatives including an uncle killed in action so I put up two flags.


Just prior to Lockdown 2, we visited the Parcevall Hall Gardens in the Yorkshire Dales. Although late on in the year, these gardens were a joy to visit. Information from the garden’s website:

‘Parcevall Hall Gardens are a renowned historic plantsmans garden at the heart of Wharfedale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Located at the head of a small valley, the gardens are a hidden treasure and well worth seeking out. Comprising of 24 acres of formal and woodland gardens they rise up the hillside for 200 feet giving wonderful views in every direction.

The gardens were laid out by the late Sir William Milner from 1927 onwards, and are planted with specimens from around the world, many collected from Western China and the Himalayas.

Within the grounds, visitors will find many facets of the garden, including, woodland walks, formal, south facing terraces, a bedrock limestone rock garden and a beautiful rose garden where it is a pleasure to sit and relax. All set against the stunning back-drop of the Yorkshire Dales.’

The yew hedges had all had their final cut.

The garden is steeply terraced – the Fuchsias were still going strong.

Dogs are welcome!

View from the gardens towards Simon’s Seat.


A few photographs from Old Quarrington, the first before the weather ruined the dahlias in the top garden.

They are now dug up and put away until next year.

I guess we could be in for a bad winter if the number of berries on the holly means anything.

Then a little more cheerful - another of my warm growing orchids in flower, Brassavola ‘David Sander’. This striking orchid needs lots of sunshine to flower! So not too sure how it’s managed it this year. The single flower is about 6” wide and the pink colour only appears when carefully lit.

One more orchid just opening, the first of several of its flowers, Cattleya “King of Taiwan”.


November blue sky and berries.

Autumn colour.

Seed heads around the garden.

Clinging on to summer!


This is my National Collection of Willowherb. It stands alongside my National Collection of Nettles.

The Apple crop has gone bananas this year! Everyone is trying to give them away.


The first three photos are scenes from the Botanic Garden which will be familiar to Friends. But, because of the lockdown, they seem slightly different from normal particularly the grass actually growing under the Millennium Bug.

Normally this area is devoid of grass due to the children's feet. So it looks really attractive now but a bit forlorn without those trampling feet.

Also looking forlorn is the iconic monkey puzzle tree now apparently in its death throes. But will some parts be resurrected?


The third photo in the garden is a view of Mike's favourite - the Gunnera. It seems such a favourite that he has erected a no way post.

Here is the final photo which is a Japanese Acer giving us a final show before the inevitable leaf fall.