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Members' Blogs - Week 23 of Lockdown


Well, these four pictures are to show off. They are of a cynbidium orchid (the big one) and a phalaenopsis (the purple one - moth orchid).

We have had the cymbidium for probably 15 years. It was passed on to Susan my wife. It has rarely flowered and at the beginning of this year it was given a warning that one more no-flower year and it would be for the compost heap. It was put out in the porch over the winter, left there all year and forgotten about. And now it has gone mad with over 12 flower spikes. We just hope this is not a dying flourish but the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

The moth orchid was bought two years ago and seems to have been in flower ever since. with new side flowering shoots coming off the old flowering stalk with larger flowers. It's never fed, just watered. Also we decided not to tie the flowering spike to sticks but just let the flowering shoot hang as it would in the wild and it does look so much better.

Maybe the moral is not to give up or just treat your orchids tough.


Not many interesting shots from around the garden. However some lovely skies both morning and night.


A nice crisp morning in the gardens today.

Here's a few photos.


Tuesday, 1st December… Once again I had the Botanic Garden virtually to myself. It looked lovely and I spent a very happy 2 1/2 hours there, mooching around. If you haven’t visited yet, go… I can thoroughly recommend it... I’ll make you feel better...



It's mid November but this hollyhock doesn't think it is as it's still flowering!

This is a vigourous begonia growing happily in a 20cm pot in late November!