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Members' Blogs - Week 25 of Lockdown


With an improvement in the weather, there has been more chance to get out and about and see the signs of spring on its way.

The first photo is of Daphne Bholua Jacqueline Postill. This one is in the Botanic Garden on the left of the steps up to the winter garden and the scent is delightful. Well worth seeking out if visiting at this time of the year.

The second photo is taken at the side of our house in a small bed with a mix of winter flowers including iris, snowdrops, cyclamen coum with daffodils pushing their head through. Lots of colour at this time of year in a small space.

The third are those irises again speckled with raindrops.

And finally a field of blue crocuses below the cathedral.


At last a few hours in our garden with sunshine. The snow finally departed yesterday so started clearing away dead foliage. Then, when the soil was exposed, a few early spring flowers could be seen. So much more promise for the year.


Snowdrops and sunshine - always a lovely combination.

A lovely Winter walk!

A bleak Winter scene with Canada Geese taking shelter.

And to finish a carpet of snowdrops - with snow all gone - and perhaps a hint of Spring!