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Mike's Blog - Day 100

One hundred days, I thought we might close for 2-3 weeks!

The tulips and daffs came and went, April was bone dry, we had destructive winds and welcome rain. The garden is starting to take shape again, the main grass areas are cut and all the bedding tubs are in situ and enjoying the warm sun, waiting for visitors. The weeds are thriving, some nettles are 6ft, but we are slowly tackling them.

So, a view today similar to Day 1. Bill is cutting the grass with our new electric mower and Claire is battling with weeds somewhere.

When will we open again? The University is talking about it and things seems to be going the right way, so our fingers are crossed that it will be “soon”. However we will have a lot to do to make it safe first. We have been watering, weeding and cutting grass, but the annual job of pressure washing paths needs to be done. Some are very slippy. There are steps to clear and lots of debris from the storm, and some hand rails to fix. We need to get this work done before we can let visitors in. It will only take us a week or so to do that, so it won’t delay any opening, but for now we are focussing on the weeds and their impending flowers and seeding everywhere. When we are told to fix the handrails and sort the paths it will be very exciting for us - the garden team are as keen as you are, I’m sure, to see the garden being enjoyed by visitors.

…and finally…

Some of you may remember “the Bikini line” art installation in the garden a few years back. The artist, Alan O’Cain has been writing some poems whilst on lockdown and hope to exhibit them some way in the garden when we are open again, and he has kindly done us one for today.

The Sleeping Garden

One hundred nights
One hundred days
And still your gaze
Is lost to me
And how I long
For you to walk
My empty paths
And smile and laugh
Or stand and stare
And share my scents
And bursting blooms
And know that
After every Winter
Summer comes.

Alan O’Cain 25/06/20