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Mike's Blog - Day 101

Not sure what this is. I know it’s a Cistus, and remember we called it “the Halda Cistus” but I can’t find any mention of it in the database.

You’ll also see in the picture the pampas grass is looking battered after those winds!

Here is a close-up of the Cistus.

It’s much bigger than the little purple one (Day 78). It must be nine feet. It’s smothered in white flowers and there are loads to come. Its thriving on the very dry sandy soil in front of the visitor centre. We called it the Halda Cistus as it came to us as seed from a plant collecting expedition, that expedition will have been named the Halda expedition and seed was sent simply named as Genus, ie Cistus, but exact name would follow at a later date, so it would have been called something like Cistus Halda 123. I’ll see if I can track the expedition down as its probably got a name or been named by now, it must have been 20 years ago.

A quick look on the web and it might be Cistus salviifolius, Salvia is sage, and its foliage does look sage like. I can’t even work out which language this is but it does reference Halda.


The bees have found it.

I tried to video it but it’s not very good. It was literally buzzing with bees.