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Mike's Blog - Day 108

Not a pretty one today but a picture of the “pleached” limes outside the greenhouse, a bit like a hedge on stilts.

We planted it about 20 years ago. Here is a construction picture, putting in the support frame poles. The poles are still there but can now be removed if we could work out how!

We planted trees as we were sick of wooden structures rotting but needed something to create/partition that space outside the greenhouse.

The bed there is usually full of Dahlias for the summer, but supply of new tubers this year was difficult under lockdown, so we have sown it with a mix of old fashioned annuals,  flax, malope, borage cornflower and so on. It has been dug by the rabbits a little but they might leave it alone with a bit of luck.

After seeing the bamboo for the first time in 3 days I can certainly say what it’s not gained in height it has gained in girth. I think once it has got its full girth then it will be on the move vertically as they get their girth first, they don’t grow tall then fatten up.