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Mike's Blog - Day 112

Broad beans for you today. The purple one is an unusual one. Broad bean flowers as you probably know are black and white but this Crimson flowered one has been grown since Victorian times and it’s an “Heirloom” variety.

Here it is in close-up.

The other is a one we grow for the archaeology department. It’s believed to be very close to what would have been grown by Neolithic people over 6000 years ago. It’s used for research experiments in the botanic garden.

The beans are small, hard and black. Beans would have been one of the few cultivated plants, alongside cereals and flax, most food would have been hunted or foraged. No research going on this year but to keep seeds fresh and in good supply we always grow some to replenish stocks.

Both plants are pretty things in their own right. There will be spare seed of the crimson one next spring available through the Friends of the Garden seed packing team, hopefully.

Bamboo has nearly made it to the top of the ruler…