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Mike's Blog - Day 113

More old pics today, this time of the cherry circle. They are taken from where the Calycanthus was in flower the other day.

Photo taken in 1970s.

Photo taken in 1990.

Photo taken in 2020.

In 1990, we had cleared the area ready to plant up a cherry garden. in those days it was quite the norm to have a fire and burn a lot of stuff on site. The area had been cleared many years before that (1970s) and then used as an experimental growing area. The turfs were cut and piled at the sides to make a “landarm” but by the late 1980’s it had just become a mass of bramble.

The term “landarm” had me puzzled. I was sure that’s what it was called but I couldn’t find any reference to the term. Thanks to professor Mike Church who grows the Neolithic research plants in the garden he has clarified it:

“Landnám…Old Norse for ‘land take’ and is the act of clearing land for agriculture by the Vikings in the North Atlantic islands”

Bamboo on the move finally...got to be just over 1ft (according to the ruler).