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Mike's Blog - Day 116

I thought we should have a picture of a Foxglove seeing as though we have had a look at the artwork named after them.

I suppose this flower spike is very much in order/sequence, new buds at the top, then full bloom then flowers dropping then seed pods forming. What I always find fascinating is that when bees hover to then fly up into the flower tube the bees are at the perfect angle to do this, or is that the angle bees fly at and the flowers have evolved to grow at that angle?

Thanks to Robin we have a name for the Duvalia now, it looks very much like it’s not a Duvalia as I though, and I’m pretty certain Robin is right in suggesting its Orbea ciliata, the Starfish stapelia.


Thanks too of course must go to Robin for archiving all these blogs onto the FOG website.

I noticed what looked like some sort of fruits in the stream, blown off a tree perhaps after the wind and rain yesterday. Closer inspection and it’s the seeds pods, still attached, of the summer snow flake we met on Day 35.

I think it’s natural that they lie like this in the water, the pods are very heavy and on very slender stems. Once ripe the seeds will be released directly into the water, float away and I presume, once they settle on the stream edge, they will germinate and grow there where they like to be. Makes sense.

Bamboo day 14, slow but sure…