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Mike's Blog - Day 120

Here is another plant that has a silvery colour to protect if from bright sun like the lavender on Day 118. This is Astelia chathamica or Silver Sword from New Zealand.

It's planted at the entrance to the Alpine garden on top of the low wall next to a mature holly hedge, so in winter it's quite dry there. I think it likes this well drained spot. They make good pot specimens too. A clump of these might be nice to have in the winter garden too.

It's grown for its “dramatic architectural foliage”. It looks like it has been sprayed with silver paint, as you can see.

Bill had forgotten to take a picture of the bamboo yesterday. It must be camera shy as it has grown quite a bit now I think, well past that first node on the bamboo cane. In fact, I think that, in the last 5 days, it has nearly doubled in height from the first 2 weeks. It was day 13 when I put the white marker tape in place and it's day 18 today.