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Mike's Blog - Day 121

Nice new leaf on the giant water lily today. I was impressed to see the return of one more flower on the water hyacinth (Day 115), so you can imagine my delight when there were a mass of flowers today, I’ve never seen such a mass flowering.

The sheep have mostly (some refuse to enter the pen) be sprayed with fly strike now as the coming warmer humid weather could mean they could have a problem with flies. They are also on MEGALIX with added garlic. Once they start tacking this mineral lick the garlic will get into them which should help deter flies too, and any vampires. They were instantly keen on it.


Today's plant is a new one we are trying this year. It’s just a bedding plant but useful for its silver foliage, and we seem to be on a roll with silver leaves.

We have grown the green/white variegated Plectranthus for years and it has proved very good. This silver one is a bit more of a monster though, so we have not really made our minds up about it. It's Plectranthus “Silver Shield”. Have a look and see what you think. Its very tactile, so you can’t help but stroke its leaves.

Seen here also with a new Begonia we are trying, Begonia Starshine “Apple Blossom”. The Begonia is quite nice but the photo doesn’t do it justice really.

The Bamboo has developed a lean, might need to think about pulling it back up straight…day 19 for it.