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Mike's Blog - Day 131

Kings Mantle today for you from Western Africa, Thunbergia erecta.

Here it is in close-up.

It’s also referred to as “Bush Clock Vine” but I can’t seem to work out why, perhaps at a certain time of day it drops its petals, it’s not the sort of flower that can open and close like some do. I’ll see if I can find out more, unless any of you find out and get back to me before I get a chance…

It’s in the greenhouse of course, just by the door into the giant water lily. By that door under the lamp is a curious object. It’s actually the dried stem (upside down) of the giant Fennel plant.

The stem has a soft pith, and apparently if you but a glowing ember into the pith it will smoulder away quite happily for a long time. These stems are reputed to be the original Olympic torches and how the “flame” was carried.

The bamboo was too tall today to get a pic from the top looking down. I think we will say goodbye to it next week once it disappears into the canopy. Day 29 for it today.