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Mike's Blog - Day 132

I showed you some of the lily seedlings on Day 85 that had taken since 2016 to get that far. A batch of Henry’s Lily, also sometimes known as the Tiger lily - Lilium henrii, was nicely in flower at the weekend.

And here it is in close-up.

This is a new one for us to grow and it’s from the mountains of central China so it might need good light or it might be ok with some shade in the woodland garden.

We met Lilium martagon in the woodland garden back in June (Day 97) and its setting seed pods now, but it’s quite weird. When it was in flower the flowers were hanging down, but the seed pods have turned and are now upright.

The Trillium (Day 33) are doing well too and have seed pods. I don’t think I’ve seen these before. Perhaps that dry warm April was good for them, or do people pinch them?

We may as well have all the lilies covered today. Here is a shot of one of the old leaves I cut off the giant water lily today to make space for new leaves. You can see the stem has many tubes in cross section here, presumably so the plant can breathe under water through the surface of its leaves.

The bamboo has grown much taller than Claire now, day 30.