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Mike's Blog - Day 133

A nice little plant on the limestone scree in the Alpine garden today, Potentilla nitida.

Here is a close-up.

Its grows in the Alps, a tough little thing growing up to an altitude of 3200m. So, seeing it in the alpine garden saves a tough climb (but what a lovely climb that would be). It flowers well where we have it as it gets full sun. Just like it would in the wild of course.

The bamboo has made the canopy, so we will lose sight of it now, but I’ll get a shot of its top when we chop it off in a few more weeks.

Once it gets its height then it really takes off and starts bushing out. It’s quite a bad thing to handle, the stem (culm) is covered in tiny hairs which are almost as bad as cactus thorns.

No Claire for scale today. She is busy feeding the bedding tubs.