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Mike's Blog - Day 134

A hedge for you today!

This is a nice garden shrub, Photinia “Red Robin”, but I think they have just given it a name like that for ease of sale.

And here in close-up.

I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same thing but I saw it being used as a hedge in Japan, so though it would be nice to try it here and see how it goes. The new growing tips are red, and of course grown as a hedge you are creating lots of new tips. It’s a short hedge on the way down to the woodland garden.

Here is a picture of the hedge that inspired this.

It was just out of Kyoto as I remember, a place called Nara, where wild deer roamed the streets.

Bill took another bamboo pic. Looks like he’s trimmed the foliage so you can see it a bit better. Here then is an extra bamboo pic for you...