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Mike's Blog - Day 140

Double treat today, two flowers at once on the giant waterlily and a water hyacinth at the same time!

Too wet to venture out far this morning so a good chance to spend some time hunting stick insects. Can you spot the one on the Chocolate tree?

There are two stick insects on the sugar cane in the tropical house...

...and two hiding on the hibiscus.

The “Wax plant” or “Porcelain flower” (Hoya carnosa) flowered months ago, but missed its chance at the time for the blog as there was so much going on outside to take pictures of. It's flowering again so it has made it this time.

The flowers have a scent at night, so I guess the white flowers will stand out in the warm tropics where it grows and will be easy to spot once the scent gets the flying insect pollinators somewhere close.