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Mike's Blog - Day 141

The wildflower meadow is a blaze of yellow at the moment with Agrimony, but if you look carefully in the picture you’ll see a much more delicate yellow flower.

This is “Lady’s Bedstraw”, and is reputed to be so named as it was once used as a stuffing for mattresses for its nice fresh smell but also its insect repellent properties.

Here is a close-up.

This plant was also used at one time to make a red dye which was used to colour double Gloucester cheese. Colouring cheese orange is a bit of an odd thing to do, but I think the more orange and rich looking the cheese then that would indicate a really good full fat milk, so perhaps is comes from that.

The “orange” cheese in your fridge today is more likely to be coloured with “annatto”, a dye extracted from the seeds of a tropical tree, Bixa orellano.

We have a small tree in the greenhouse but it will be a while before we can use it for any cheese colouring. [I was wondering how I could sneak this interesting little tree into the blog. J]

Check the ingredients of your cheese!

The rain yesterday meant we could turn our attention to trimming the bamboo canopy as, if we don’t, it grows into the fire alarm cable and causes a fault. So, the bamboo shoot can be seen again, but will need a chop in a few more days…