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Mike's Blog - Day 143

A nice maple for you today. This is grown for its attractive peeling bark, Acer griseum.

Here it is in the sunshine.

Ours gets a bit bald as inquisitive children seem drawn to pull its delicate paper bark off. It’s on the Oriental lawn near the cherry circle. It can have really good autumn colour sometimes. As with many maples, the spring leaves are a bit delicate and can get blasted in hot dry winds. So a bit of shelter is good.

It’s leaves do not look typical maple (Acer species).

Almost, but it’s got three separate leaves on the one leaf stalk, so in outline it's not far away. Of course like the Oaks, where Oaks all have acorns, Maples have the familiar “helicopter seeds”.

Here are a few maple leaves to show some of the range. You’ll see that Acer davidiiand Acer campestre are very different in leaf, but have very similar fruits.

(We had Acer macrophyllum Day 111)