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Mike's Blog - Day 145

I was delighted to see a potted cactus plant in flower this morning behind the scenes.

Mind you, the whole garden feels behind the scenes at the moment. It’s a plant which was donated to us years ago and we still haven’t taken the rope off it that was used to help its transport!

I’m not sure what it is. I seem to recall it being referred to as “the Organ pipe” cactus, which is a very fitting name for its many upright stems. It’s of that type anyway, so it might be a Stenocereus or some sort of Cereus.

It has a beautiful flower which will have faded by the end of the day as it will have been in flower all last night.

Cactus plants often flower during the night as the delicate flowers burn off in the heat. Just like the giant water lily, white flowers will show up well at night, I bet they are a sight to see in a star lit desert night sky. Whatever visits it (it must be something quite large I think looking at it), will obviously deposit the pollen from a previously visited flower first looking at how the mass of pollen-receiving stigma are arranged.

I had a look on the net to find out more. All I could see was that there is a UNESCO biosphere reserve in Arizona named the Organ Pipe Monument Reserve and that’s saying the flowers are pollinated by the lesser long-nosed bats there, in the Sonoran desert. Also lots of links to blasting and somebody building a very big and long wall through it all.

The bamboo is now touching the glass roof!