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Mike's Blog - Day 146

I’ve finally found a picture of the red form of Primula florindae that I’d seen at another Botanic Garden. It was in Tromso.

Can’t really claim it as a picture from here, so today's pic is the white form of African Lily, Agapanthus africanus “Alba”.

Here it is in close-up.

The straightforward blue one is in flower too, but it’s about a week behind the white one. Most people just call them by their latin name of course, Agapanthus.

They are not lilies however, they are in the same family as those big bulbs you might buy around Christmas time, Amaryllis, the same family as daffodils too. A better name for them these days might be African Onions, as I see that have also now moved the Onion family, “Allium” into the same family as Agapanthus, “Amaryllidacea”. Onions were in their own family at one time, the Onion family, “Alliaceae”. Then they were in the lily family for a while, “Liliaceae”. It seems no one can make up their mind about knowing their onions.

Dry warm spot and these do well. They like the well-drained, south facing, sheltered position in the South African collection in the Alpine garden. Good in pots too.