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Mike's Blog - Day 149

The fruit has at last ripened on the “Swiss Cheese Plant” Monstera deliciosafrom (Day 58).

It was very ripe, perhaps even a little rotten on the end.

But I pulled off the hexagon shaped “skin” and sank my teeth into what looked ok.

It’s very sweet, sticky, has a consistency of tinned peaches and has a taste of pineapple. Claire looked on in disgust and wouldn’t try it.

Its flowering too, very similar to Monstera adansonii which was also Day 58.

We keep forgetting to chop the bamboo, it’s pretty bent now and in danger of setting the fire alarm off as it’s on the sensor wire.

Also a second  new shoot has appeared. It’s going to be difficult to keep a track of this one as I’m on holiday the next two weeks, so not sure how I’m going to keep sending pics to you!

I might have to send you pics of something from my holidays!

I was not at work yesterday as I took some lieu time as I have been working weekends since lock down. I came across some very tame rabbits, and it was clear they knew ragwort was poisonous as they were grazing round it. The ragwort (Day 138) was very short as it must have been mown off a few times, but in its fight to survive, it flowered at just a few inches tall rather than its normal height of a few feet. The plant is a survivor. There is no way I could convince you I took this picture at the Botanic Garden I don’t think.