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Mike's Blog - Day 154

Nice view of the pond in front of the gazebo down the woodland garden for you today. The waterlily is coming into flower.

Can you spot Hermione, one of the herons Sir Kenneth and Lady Calman (Day 148) donated to the garden? The other, Harry, is in the pond up by the greenhouse.

I’m on holiday, rain stopped play a bit yesterday so the loft needed a clear out (or so I was informed!).

I came across this old flyer and poster for the garden, I’m guessing about 1992/92 as “the new faces” were the statues that came from the Gateshead garden festival. Note on the flyer the admission ‘charge’.

The poster invited you to meet Rose, Ivy and so on, the final one is Dawn Redwood, which just happens to be the tree with the fox-red bark behind Hermione in today's picture.

Here also is a picture of the opening with Sir Peter Ustinov and the Horticultural Officer at the time, Jo Cobb.