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Mike's Blog - Day 155

“Spanish Moss”, “Air Plant” for you today. This is a plant which in the wild would simply drape itself off trees in warm humid climates, Tillansia usneoides.

Here is a closer view.

It’s quite silver when it's dry, but any misting and it goes much greener, translucent in fact. I presume this is so that it can get enough light to photosynthesize. Then, when the weather is dry and bright again, it dries back to silver to protect it from full sun.

Easy to propagate, just pull a bit off and hang it on something where the light is good. I was first given this plant about 15 years ago. It was part of a show stand that the lads from Belfast Botanic Garden had in their display and they pulled me a handful off and stuffed it in a carrier bag to travel back with. As you can see, it's thriving and has made quite a good clump now.