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Mike's Blog - Day 164

“Medieval Carpet” for you today, or at least that’s the name the seed company have given to this “throw and grow” seed mix.

It’s in the bed by the greenhouse that we normally plant with single flowered Dahlias once the tulips are over. Look back at Day 27, April 11th, for pretty much the same view.

Lockdown meant we couldn’t get the Dahlias, but I had bought this mix to put on the beds below the terrace where the Friends of the Botanic Garden tables and chairs are. We didn’t need it there though. Quite a lot of the wildflowers on the terrace re-seeded ok, so I just filled the gaps with some of our Calendula seed after digging out an abundance of thistles.

Craig threw the seed onto the bare soil and raked it in. We didn’t have time to protect it from rabbits so it had to take its chances. It seems to have done fine. The Dahlias would certainly have been eaten, so perhaps we have discovered a new idea for this bed!

There was no full list of what was in the mix, but I can see borage, cornflower, red flax, malope and pot marigold.