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Mike's Blog - Day 167

This tree has been in the blog twice but has never really had its moment of “fame”.

It first appeared in Day 75, as the Actinidia growing up it was looking great. Then again on Day 154 as it was mentioned on an old poster (as it’s a lady's first name) and it was in the background with its foxy-red bark.

Dawn Redwood, Metasequoia glyptostroboides (what a name!).

Its main claim to fame is that, about 70 years ago, these trees were thought to be extinct and only known from the fossil record. Explorers came across some trees in the remote village of Modoadqi in China and botanists didn’t recognise them, but they soon realised they matched the already named specimens in the fossil collections. Seeds were sent to Botanic Gardens all around the world and they are now a very common sight. I’ve even seen them for sale in B&Q.

They get a bit big for most gardens even though, as redwoods go, these are amongst the shortest. But they have to potential to eventually be twice as tall as the monkey puzzle which they are growing close to. They develop lovely gnarly trunks with age and have very soft delicate ferny foliage.