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Mike's Blog - Day 168

We moved the sheep into the main meadow today, 1st September. There was quite a chill in the air this morning - 4 degrees C - but it turned out to be a lovely warm day, the best in quite a while. I wonder if we will get an “Indian Summer”.

I wasn’t able to get close to the sheep as they ran off into the meadow, but straight away the spikey seeds of Agrimony (Day 141) were sticking to their fleeces in their bid to spread further round the meadow. The meadow was 3ft tall in most places, but in some 5ft, an amazing amount of growth considering Day 30 when it was short enough for cowslips to grow.

Lots of seeds for the birds at the moment. The goldfinches should enjoy the thistles now they are flowering and the butterflies have moved on to find other late nectar sources.

Peter is back from furlough today, so at last we have a complete team.