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Mike's Blog - Day 171

Another creature on the Hydrangea for you today, a Hover fly.

The BiosSci  folks confirmed the ID for me and that it’s probably of the genus Eristalis. Apparently there are several very similar species in the genus, and it needs close inspection to be sure of which one we have, but they think this is likely to be one of E. pertinaxE. nemorum or E. arbustorum.

Harmless, but they can look like wasps or bees at first, mimicking something a bit more aggressive.

We had quite a large wasp nest in the banks below the winter garden, but the badger fettled it and dug it out for us.

It was much bigger than we had imagined.

I wonder how the wasps “dig” the hole. I don’t think there was a hole there that they took over. Some wasps seem to like holes and walls and others prefer to make balls in trees, lofts or sheds. I presume different species. More investigation needed!