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Mike's Blog - Day 177

A fairly common garden plant today which many of you might grow. It's “Hardy Fuchsia”, Fuchsia magellanica.

And here in close-up.

They can get quite big, but this one is “var Pumila”, so ours is the dwarf form and is more like a Bonzai tree.

They are deciduous and look a bit dead in winter. They respond very well to a good chopping back now and then. They are native to Argentina and Chile, growing as far down as the Straits of Magellan from where they take their name. In the wild they attract humming birds.

We also grow Gunnera magellanica from the same part of the world. That’s a tiny little Gunnera, more like ground cover, with small glossy leaves about 2” in diameter. I’ll get a picture of that, but try to contain your excitement. It’s more of botanical interest than a thing of great beauty.