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Mike's Blog - Day 187

The main lawn by the Millennium bug was planted up when the garden was first laid out in the early ‘70s with lots of conifers as they were trendy at the time. They are pretty much all cultivated forms of Chamaecyparus lawsoniana, of which there are 100’s.

We needed to fill a gap some years ago and though we would add something a bit different to the collection. So we planted Chamaecyparis nootkatensis.

Here you can see the foliage more clearly.

And here is a close-up of the cones.

Wow has this conifer had some name changes!

First it was named Cupressus nootkatensis (1824), but then 1841 to Chamaecyparus nootkatensis. However that caused much debate and it was soon named BACK to Cupressus. 2002 and it was transferred to a new genus, Xanthocyparis. Then it got named Callitropsis nootkatensis, but 2011 back to Xanthocyparis, but I think even now it’s still not decided.

Through all this its common name has remained, it’s still the Nootka Cypress, although sometimes even the Nootka cedar (which would be the genus Cedrus).

Enough of this name changing!

We’ll leave the label as it is, like a stopped clock it will be right sometimes!

When we first planted it one of the young apprentices panicked and spent most of his weekend duty cover trying to water it and get it to recover, but it was fine. We had planted the weeping form, “Pendula” as we wanted to show a cultivated form that had a different characteristic to the others in the collection.