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Mike's Blog - Day 193

One of the most easily identified trees for you today, “the Tulip Tree”. You can’t mistake those leaves.

This is a specimen in the Oriental section, a Chinese one (Liriodendron chinensis), but there are American ones too. The leaves look like tulips to me, but apparently this is not where it gets its name. I’ve not seen ours flower - perhaps it’s a bit young - but the flowers are said to look like large tulips. It doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of autumn colour but I’ll keep an eye on it.

Most of the trees in that area were planted in the early days, 1970 to ‘83, but this was planted in 2003. It's proving to be a vigorous grower and is now probably one of the biggest trees in that area. The young sapling came to us from Kew, via a contact in the Royal Parks in London.