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Mike's Blog - Day 197

I was starting to think I would run out of things for the blog and perhaps need to end at 200, but the garden keeps throwing me surprises and inspiration.

I had to let an engineer into the kiosk at the bottom of the garden yesterday and while I waited outside at a safe distance I noticed the Mexican Orange blossom, Choisya ternata was in flower.

Here it is a little closer.

This is a really nice shrub, well behaved, easy to keep in trim, pure white flowers, smells great, evergreen, always seems to be healthy. Worth thinking about even in a smallish garden. Just needs a little bit of shelter but happy on most soils.

No name change either (yet?). It's always been a Choisya!

I think of these as an early summer flowering plants, but I’ve checked it out and apparently they flower “fitfully into winter”.

(I had to google fitfully in my ignorance. Not a term I was familiar with.)

Perhaps these blogs might start to become more fitfull…