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Mike's Blog - Day 198

A nice “Moth” orchid for you today, Phalaenopsis sp.

Here it is in close-up.

These are the most common orchids you find for sale in supermarkets. In the wild you would find these clinging to trees or rocks with their thick fleshy roots.

Moth orchids can be difficult to look after, or the opposite, they will thrive. It pretty much depends on the conditions you can offer them.

  • They like good light, but not direct sun, not all day long anyway. So you have no chance if you are trying to grow them in a sunny south facing window, unless you have nets up!
  • They need water, will forgive you if they are a bit dry, but will rot from over watering.
  • A little bit of weak feed now and then when they are growing is helpful.
  • The compost they are grown in is open and free draining. If, over time, this rots and becomes sodden, re-pot with fresh compost.
  • They like warmth. So, if they are in a cold window and you draw the curtains at night and they get cold, they won’t be happy.

Ours is growing in front of the Stag/Elk horn fern which we had on Day 106. This reminded me that on Day 44 I mentioned that the Biosciences Department have a skeleton of a very impressive Irish Elk. One of the academics working there has kindly sent me a picture of it to share with you now the department is open again. Can you imagine meeting one of these! - Megaloceros giganteus.

The Department has also been catching real moths in the local woods, but you’ll have to wait until later for those beauties…