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Mike's Blog - Day 199

Three of the many different moth species that Biosci have caught recently for you as promised yesterday, and comments on them (thank you Stuart):

“Green Carpet is double-brooded, with the first generation flying May to July, and the second generation August to September. Formerly, there would have been only one generation in Northern England, but the milder climate now allows for two. Its caterpillars feed on bedstraws.

Green-brindled Crescent and Red-green Carpet are typical Autumn species, with adults flying September to November. Green-brindled Crescent adults lay eggs and then die before winter, but Red-Green Carpet females overwinter as adults and fly again in the Spring.”

Also a nice little shield bug (Common Green Shield bug) I noticed on the evening primrose the other day. These go through many development stages, “instars”, and change remarkably over their life time. This one looks to be in a late instar just before becoming an adult. It’s the first time I recall seeing this shield bug, but looking at what the adult looks like, I have seen adults. I just happen to have caught a later stage younger one.