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Mike's Blog - Day 201

A glorious sunny morning today, a huge contrast from all that heavy rain yesterday.

One of the best plants for autumn colour is looking great today “Winged Spindle”, Euonymus alatus.

Here it is again in close-up.

It get its name from the curious cork “wings” on its stems. It makes it unmistakable.

There are lots of Euonymus, the most common is the variegated evergreen one which you will find in most garden centres and supermarket car parks, but it’s good for groundcover.

Interestingly this little groundcover plant can climb if given the chance, and if you look carefully in picture with the map board in it, you’ll see the tree behind has one of the ground cover Euonymus growing up it.

After the deluge of rain yesterday I couldn’t believe the Buddleia lindleyana (Day 180) is still going strong on the Japanese bank, a valuable nectar source for October when other buddleia are finished.