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Mike's Blog - Day 203

A view of the car park for you today. I must be getting desperate!

Opposite the car park a new road has been created, to give access to the new Maths building which will open soon. There are some nice ponds over that way, so actually it will make that area more accessible to people. It might make it easier for coaches to get turned round too!

It struck me that at the entrance to the car park is a tree everyone will see/drive by, but it never gets its moment of glory. So here goes.

The big weeping conifer is Picea breweriana, the Brewer’s Weeping Spruce and is generally considered as one of the most beautiful Spruce trees.

Another view from the bamboo bike shelter.

Unlike the weeping Nootka cypress the other day, which was a cultivated weeping form (in other words you would not find it in the wild), this spruce has a natural weeping habit. As you can see its foliage is pretty much vertical, “hanging like curtains”.

This, and the fact that these trees are generally quite narrow and not wide spreading and of open habit, will help it not to accumulate too much snow which could smash its limbs in areas of high snowfall. It grows on mainly ridgetop sites in Western North America where it’s one of the rarest trees on the continent, and its conservation status is “vulnerable”.