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Mike's Blog - Day 204

This is a nice wildflower looking good in the wildflower maze down in the arboretum, Purple Loosestrife, Lytrium salicaria.

Here it is again in close-up.

It’s a native and likes a bit of damp. Where it has been introduced to North America and New Zealand, it has become a very invasive weed, dominating habitats and greatly reducing biodiversity, much like Himalayan balsam is a problem here. In fact Himalayan balsam is very much a problem this year. We have strimmed lots of areas out that became totally over grown. The Friends had planned to come and help us pull loads out but the lockdown stopped that. The Himalayan balsam was certainly not on lockdown.

We must get the living willow dome back under control down there. It looks more like a large bush at the moment. It might be easier once the leaves are off and we can weave some of the branches back in.