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Mike's Blog - Day 206

What a difference the cold makes.

Back in the spring when the water hyacinth in the greenhouse was growing really fast it was chocking the pond. It spreads by producing “runners”, each plant producing about 5 stems with new plants on the tips. It doesn’t take long before those 5 runners produce 5 more and so it goes on. We normally just keep removing the older plants and keep it thinned down, but the weather has warmed up so I thought we would put some in the pond outside the greenhouse. We filled about 15 wheel barrows with it and tipped them into the pond. This helps the pond as it gets full sun and is quite shallow, so the water inevitably goes green and we have to treat it.

The water hyacinth has meant the water has remained clear over the summer, and a moorhen has regularly been wading through it. What is surprising is how different the plant has grown compared to the one left in the greenhouse. They are like two different plants. The ones outside are healthy but small, low and compact, nothing like the monsters in the greenhouse. You can see the big fat stems on the ones in the greenhouse. It's these big fat stems that enable the plants to float.

Inside there are fine membranes which form tiny air pockets.

Not a bad week after all the rain. Bill, Craig and Peter have been continuing hedge cutting.

The lawns have got a bit of a mess with moss after being left uncut, so we decided to make them more of a mess and scarify them.

They have had a good feed too, so they should winter well and be good for the spring. Claire has been painting the car park fence in between bouts of weeding the cornfield annual border.