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Mike's Blog - Day 215

May as well have another “dogwood” today.

Here is a close-up of the fruit.

This is quite a nice small shrub, Cornus mas. Its main claim to fame is it flowers very early in the spring, or even late winter, so it had flowered before the blog started. It has masses of tiny golden green/yellow flowers and when in flower, given the time of year, is quite something. When in leaf over the summer it’s a bit boring, but there is a golden leaved one which is quite attractive but can scorch in full sun.

In recent years it has given us some fruit, but it probably fruits better further south. It originates from central Europe. We had the best crop ever last year.

The fruits are quite large and don’t taste too bad at all. I can see where this “dogwood”, Cornus sp, gets its common name of “Cornelian Cherry”, when it’s not a cherry at all. I have read that there are cultivated forms available, and that, in the Ukraine, people cultivate selected forms for berry production with fruits over 2” long.