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Mike's Blog - Day 230

We have had plenty of yellow Autumn colour so today something orange, “The small leaved maple”, Acer micranthum from Japan.

Here is a close-up.

Even closer!

We need to watch this little tree as its going to get swamped by the encroaching bamboo from the bamboo grove and overgrown by the Tokyo cherry from Day 10. Apparently, as they get older, these trees can develop eye-catching bark. They are in the “snake bark” group, so something to look forward to seeing.

Some of our best native autumn colour I think comes from beech trees. There was a beauty at RHS Harlow Carr on Saturday. Even in the rain it looked warm. The tree in question was infected with bracket fungus. Normally this would mean the tree would need to be felled but, as their tree was off the beaten track a bit, they left it and put a simple fence round it to let nature take its course.