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Mike's Blog - Day 232

Socially distanced tulip bulbs today, 4” for them. It’s actually “easier” to dig all the soil out of this bed by the greenhouse, rotavate some old compost, growmore, bonemeal, blood fish and bone into it then place the bulbs out. If you have a few left you can find gaps, if you run out you can sneak a few from elsewhere.

Then throw the soil back in. Craig looks like he was enjoying the exercise (his hedges are looking good too).

We plant 2,500 in this bed. It gives a great display in spring - look back at Day 27. When the tulips are over we usually plant dahlias, but this year we used an annual mix of flowers, Day 164, which worked very well.

Next year I might try a mix of dahlia, annuals, salvias, palms and bananas as I was inspired by a sheltered nook at Harlow Carr on Saturday, but then the dilemma would be how do we plant the tulips!

Oh, I nearly forgot. A picture of the Manx ram we once had, and another showing how these hardy sheep will even munch on holly when there is no grass.