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Mike's Blog - Day 234

No tulip planting today. All the beds are done now and fenced off to keep the rabbits off.

It's the hyacinths' turn today and they are all potted now and set away in a un-heated greenhouse.

Once they bud up we can easily match them and then plant them up into groups in bigger pots for a good display in spring with that lovely scent.

Most of the bedding in the tubs has all gone over now, so the tubs are all empty and waiting for us in the poly tunnel in case it's wet on Monday. Also lurking in the tunnel is “red abysinian banana”. But it’s not a true banana (Musa sp), it's Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii’. You might spot on the right the walking stick cabbages too.

This plant, aka “The Beast” was given to us as a donation by a local family as it was just too big to handle. I’ve ordered 20 or so young plants for next spring, as even before seeing the “Tropical Garden” at Harlow Carr I had it in my mind to try and make the terrace in front of the Visitor Centre look more exotic.

Finally one of our more special sheep, I’ll say no more on it for now…