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Mike's Blog - Day 238

At last I have managed to get a picture of our Gingko/Ginkgo, Ginkgo biloba. It's showing itself now that it has turned bright yellow and its standing out clearly from the rest of the shrubs in that area.

Its species name, “biloba” is self-explanatory when you see its distinctive leaves.

This is a very old genus, and this is the sole surviving species. Sometimes called the fossil tree too as fossils of Ginkgo date back to 270 million years ago.

For centuries it has been used as a traditional medicine and is reputed to help with memory. Clinical trials have proven it to have some modest benefits in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s also called the maidenhair tree sometimes but I’m not really sure why. Perhaps I have forgotten.

Leaf clearing today for Bill and Craig (Claire and Peter finishing bulb planting). We use a mower to chop up the best of the leaves as it then makes a good mulch. Most of this year's will go in the woodland garden or into the winter garden project.