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Mike's Blog - Day 242

A year ago today, well tonight, and the garden was a little busier than of recent, despite miserable cold rain.

It was “Lumiere”, a four night event with the garden landscape lit up and some fantastic installations under the theme “for the Birds”. This was our third Lumiere I think, and hopefully it will return to the Garden again next year.

So, the next four blogs are easy J.

The Friends got a sneak preview to avoid the busy opening night. We were letting people into the garden 40 at a time in 5 minute intervals so it didn’t feel crowded. The only time it might have felt crowded was the 15 minute queue time at the entrance. I can’t remember the exact figures but it was very similar to the last event, about 4,000 people a night.

So, here you go, One of our favourite trees lit up and its eerie squawking crows, the Zelkova from Day 225.